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Return Of The Creeps - Film Still (7) (South Of No North)

Return of the Creeps

Athens 1982. Somewhere between Kypseli, Patisia and Exarchia districts, Creep Records was born. In its four year run, Creep Records featured some of the most important bands of the Greek New Wave, Post Punk and Dark Wave scene on its roster. Creep released a series of iconic records that are, to this day, music works of inestimable sentimental value. A documentary about one of the first and most influential independent record labels in Greece which gave shelter to several underground bands of the 80’s, such as Yell-o-Yell and many others. Besides the personal narratives of the founder of Creep Records Babis Dallidis, the film also features members of the bands who recorded with the label, such as Angelo & His Egos, Art Of Parties, Clown, Cpt Nefos, Headleaders, Metro Decay, Rehearsed Dreams, The Reporters, South Of No North, Villa 21 & The Vyllies.


Nikos Hantzis

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GR | 2023 | 99min


Αποθήκη Δ-Τόνια μαρκετάκη