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Scream Of My Blood: A Gogol Bordello Story

A tumultuous life and passionate personality take centre stage in this film about Eugene Hütz, frontman of the ‘gypsy punk’ band Gogol Bordello. Delving into both political and musical aspects, we witness how the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and Soviet authoritarianism compelled him to emigrate to New York and rapidly establish a Balkan music group. The Russian invasion of Ukraine prompts a return to his homeland, where the artist realizes that, no matter how much we roam and embrace a stateless existence, our roots come back to haunt us.


Nate Pommer, Eric Weinrib

Στοιχεία παραγωγής:

2023 | USA | 99 min


Αποθήκη Δ-Τόνια μαρκετάκη