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The Decibels of the White Tower

“The Decibels of the White Tower” documents artists, venues, record shops and concerts of the last 40 years.The documentary takes us on a journey through the rich history of the Thessaloniki music scene. From rebetiko and rock, to punk, metal, electronic music and rap, this documentary explores the sonic and social origins that shape the city’s scene.From Lex and the Wooden Swords to Yannis Angelakas’ Mora to Fire and Holes. Mushrooms, Pissa & Poupoula, Off Elenchou, Blueswire, Kostas Kapetanakis, Gulag, Mikro, ParanoiR, Jamal, 12th Monkey, Babis Batmanidis are some of the artists *(in total almost 50 that speak in the documentary, about the music – created and presented in Thessaloniki: “The decibels of the White Tower, directed by Demos Vosinakis, are the needle of the turntable, the speaker and the microphone, or a spark for the music and the local culture of Thessaloniki.


Dimos Vosinakis

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GR | 2023 | 147min


Αποθήκη Δ-Τόνια μαρκετάκη