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Vavel the Band

The documentary of VAVEL – The Band arrives at In-Edit Greece and takes us back in time to Thessaloniki in the 80’s, a time when the city had an extremely creative and dynamic music scene, in which heavy metal – hard rock bands stand out!

According to the director of the film Michalis Agrafiotis “the film is a feature length music documentary about the band Vavel and the heavy metal music scene of Thessaloniki in the 1980s. It is also the adventure of some young people’s lifelong dream of becoming rock stars 35 years ago, which was thwarted by the unpredictable factors of life. Finally, it is a commentary on today’s technocratic schemes of goal-setting, aspirations and careers that present a dry and one-dimensional picture of life.”


Μιχάλης Αγραφιώτης

Στοιχεία παραγωγής:

GR | 2023 | 77 min


Αποθήκη Δ-Τόνια μαρκετάκη