Mazoha/Echo tides (Fri Apr 21)

Mazoha was created in the summer of 2017 and is the solo project of Jimi Polioudis (from The Vagina Lips) from Thessaloniki. Nihilistic lyrics and dynamic pop melodies are combined with danceable bass lines and punk rock! Very active in the music industry, he has released “Ventalies kai Siderogrothies” and “Tora Horos” (Inner Ear Records), while recently he also released his single “Aposmitiko”.

Echo Tides is a group of musicians and mainly people who, although separated by many kilometers, do not feel alone when they are far away. Panagiotis Pantazis, known as Pan Pan (synthesizers, vocals), takes on the production and lyrics, and writes the music together with Giannis Anagnostopoulos (bass, synthesizers). The team is completed by Kalliopi Mitropoulou (vocals) and George Lygouriotes (drums). Many times from afar. Sometimes up close. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with selected guests!

Their third album, Andromeda FM, was released this year by United we Fly. For the first time, they sing in Greek, while synth-pop sounds meet post-punk outbursts under a ubiquitous new wave prism.